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Hey, first of all thank you for listening to my music and for taking the time to read more about me. My name is Gijs and I’m a music producer and songwriter from the Netherlands. Listening to music is and has always been a magical experience for me. 


I love how music can teleport me into a different universe for a few minutes. How it can give me feelings I’ve never felt before. How it can resonate with my personal life and help me cope with what I’m going through. For me there is no other medium that can trigger my imagination like music does. At a young age I was so fascinated and inspired that I started learning how to make music myself. 


The reason I make music, besides it being an outlet for myself, is to share my inner world with others. That’s why I started Pyralid in 2020. I’m so happy to see the positive reactions and to know that people listen to my songs every day. 


I’m inspired by a lot of different artists from all kinds of genres like: Tennyson, Still Woozy, Jon Bellion,  Glass Animals, Flume, Radiohead, Refs, Laxcity, Grabbitz, Moore Kismet, Kendrick Lamar, Matt Corby and many more.


I made a Spotify playlist of all my recent favorites, check it out:


Come chat with me on Instagram @pyralid





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